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Hunter Valley, NSW

Rod & Trish run a lucerne hay operation in the Hunter Valley region of NSW. With long periods spent away from the main shed haymaking they needed a modern alternative to an old-school back-to-base security system that provided easy access to up-to-the-minute video feeds 24/7 as well as notifications should anything look awry, like a car pulling up or an unknown person gaining access to the building. In addition, they wanted the ability to speak to anyone should they be at the property while they weren’t there. Add on top of that the variable weather conditions of the NSW Hunter Valley and you have quite the set of challenges!

ConnectIT Smarter Living were brought on-board to build & install a complete security solution for the main shed as well as integrate it with the adjoining residence.

Google Nest provides an excellent portfolio of devices that were perfect for the task.

The Nest Cam IQ Outdoor was chosen to act as the main camera overseeing the entrance to the property. With its in-built light, speaker and ultra-wide viewing angle, it was perfect for this task, backed up with Nest Cam Indoor & Outdoor cameras to cover the rest of the property.

For the residence, a Nest Home Hub Max provides entertainment, security and built-in Google Assistant functionality to the main family area. With one command the cameras can be viewed on this very easy to use, feature-rich device.

The Google Nest eco-system with its excellent app and integration with Google Home means the cameras are easy to access at any time, provide ultra-reliable 24/7 cloud video storage and instant notifications in the event something goes wrong. It’s also future-proof in the sense that new devices can easily be added to the system in future.

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March 18th, 2020


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Google Nest IQ Outdoor
Google Nest Outdoor
Google Nest Cam Indoor x 2
Google Nest Home Hub Max

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