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Like so many of us, Doug and Valda had made numerous audio, video and technology purchases over the past 30 years and invested a significant amount of time and energy into making sure it all looked great in their home. However, over time this had built up into numerous remote controls and products that refused to work well together. Attempts to simplify things – like buying a Universal remote – just made things that bit more complicated.

So many buttons… so little time.

To make matters worse, the basic modem they received from their NBN provider (similar to one supplied with most NBN connections) wasn’t able to reliably deliver wifi to their 3 story home and office. This meant constant drop-outs and general frustration (especially in the home office, conveniently located the furthest away from the existing router!).

After seeing a demonstration of the Google Nest Doorbell and Home Hub Max, Dougie & Valda were interested in the home security benefits of both products. In addition, they wanted to upgrade their lounge room home entertainment system to simplify everything down, make everything voice activated through Google Assistant while utilising the existing speakers installed in the roof.

ConnectIT were brought in to build a custom solution that solved:

  1. Poor Wifi Coverage
  2. Doorbell & Security Cameras
  3. Home Entertainment Upgrade

Most importantly, it all needed to connect together and work seamlessly.

Our recommendation included installing a Google Nest Wifi mesh router to deliver flawless wifi throughout their house.

With Doug & Valda busy clearing a backlog of work in their now-humming home office, we installed the Google Nest Hello Doorbell and Home Hub Max. This is something of a killer combo – they work seamlessly together so that when someone presses the doorbell their image is shown on the Home Hub and an announcement is made over every Google Home device you have (including the Nest Wifi points!). They also act as 24/7 security cameras, so placed correctly can double as incredibly effective security cameras in their own right.

The incredibly versatile Nest Hub Max also does double-duty as the control centre for their home entertainment system, controlling their Sony Android TV and Sony 7.1 Receiver, all of which support Google Assistant. No more remotes, simply say “Hey Google, play my favourite playlist from Spotify in the lounge room” or “Hey Google, play Game of Thrones” and your entertainment needs are sorted.

As an added bonus, ConnectIT were able to integrate Doug & Valda’s Foxtel Now box in the 3rd floor attic with a Google Home Mini, making that a second connected entertainment space. Better yet, when someone rings the doorbell,

Project Details


May 3rd, 2020


Private Residential Client




Google Nest Wifi
Nest Hello Doorbell
Nest Home Hub Max
Sony 4K Android TV
Sony 7.1 Reciever

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