We Understand That Building Smarter Spaces Can Be Daunting

Even Business Insider concedes:

“Companies like Google and Apple have made splashy announcements about their smart home plans, but 62% of potential consumers aren’t even aware such technology exists.”

'There's actually a strong case for connecting everything in your home to the internet', Business Insider Australia

However, the benefits can be immense and the technological shift has already begun

“Smart Homes hold certain advantages that you will soon not be able to overlook

'Smart Homes hold certain advantages that you will soon not be able to overlook', Android Pit

Which is why ConnectIT Smarter Living approach every project with 3 key principles in mind:

Plan for the 80%

We live by the 80/20 rule, focusing on the 80% of the house that gets used the most, which means we focus on where the biggest impact can be made.


We believe that – like any new technology purchase – a smart device should fit seamlessly into your house design and lifestyle.

It should be unobtrusive.

And most importantly, it should “earn its keep”.

Make It Meaningful

Any new addition to the household has to make a meaningful impact on your life, otherwise, what’s the point?

When starting down the road to a smart home, it’s also important to ensure scale is implemented to make impactful and lasting change in the household, driving an enthusiasm for further improvements.

Stop saying…
“I just want my smart lights to work with my Google Home”

we can help

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

“Now we can control our air cons, lights and fountain just by asking! We can even get Google to play our favourite music or guide us through a recipe while we cook. And it’s great when you get to get into bed and can’t remember what you have turned off – now we just ask our bedside display to do it for us”


“You made it so simple!
Our security setup blows people away and takes the worry out of being away. The onsite training and follow-up support are a great bonus!”


“With limited mobility, having a smart lock and smart display means I can see who is at my front door and respond in a fraction of the time I could previously. I can even unlock the door with my phone!”


“We loved being able to see the products in action before making the leap – and now it’s installed we just love our smart doorbell, display & improved A/V setup!

ConnectIT were able to tailor the system just for us and tweaked it until it worked seamlessly”


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